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How to Limit Cell Phone Use at Your Event

In the world of technology with smart phones and immediate access to emails, social media, and text messaging, it’s rare to see someone go without responding to one of these notifications as soon as one arrives. While staying connected is important, it should not be a priority for a guest while at an event.

I’ve heard of some hosts requiring their guests to turn in their cell phone upon arrival to their event, this can be considered a bit extreme to some guests and possibly make them feel like children. On the other hand, I’ve been to some events with inconsiderate guests who failed to silence their phone or wait till the end of the event to respond to calls or texts.


Here are some subtle, yet very direct ways to request your guests avoid using their cell phone during your event


Friendly Mention Upon Arrival: As your guests arrive to the venue have your greeters give them a friendly reminder that you’ve requested all phones be silenced and put away during the event. If you have an event program or signs, place a note that says something along the lines of ‘thank you for being courteous and keeping your phone silent and tucked away’.

Have a Designated Time for Cell Phone Usage: Make an announcement at the beginning of the event that all phones should be put away until ‘selfie time’. Once the formal portion of the event has passed and the celebration is beginning, have all guests pull out their phone for a selfie posting it on social media using a hashtag custom to your event. Beyond this point, phones can be used and any photos posted to social media will have your event’s hashtag.

Phone Case as a Party Favor: Many guests may not like the sound of you asking them to hand in their phone so they don’t use it. However, requesting guests to provide their phone so they can get their custom phone case favor has a much more pleasant sound to it. This approach will kill two birds with one stone. Inform gets that their phone and case will be ready to pick up at the end of the event or whenever you’re allowing phone usage.


What other ways do you plan to limit cell phone use during your event?


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