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Avoiding Event Day Headaches

It can be difficult to be an attentive host and enjoy your event while dealing with an unexpected crisis on your event day. If you’re one of the brave souls that prefer to tackle on the planning process alone, having a backup plan for each major crisis that can occur will offer peace of mind and save you from a major headache when it’s crunch time. The most common unexpected problem is weather. Anticipating bad weather and having a plan to ensure your event can carry on despite a snow storm or heavy rain full will leave a feeling of victory. However, what about bigger issues such as a speaker who’s now unable to fly into town or overselling tickets and facing angry guests? These are the types of emergencies that can negatively impact the reputation and creditability of the event host. To prepare for these situations, have a backup speaker in place.


Another option is to have a video conference so the original speaker can still present, this may also allow your speaker to reach a broader audience if the presentation is broadcast live. To prevent the over selling of tickets, have one person in charge of managing ticket sales. One individual overseeing this will guarantee organization, prevent confusion, and reduce the risk of too many tables being sold due to miscommunication. Unfortunately, the stars don’t always align on the event day, but the power of preparation always you to push the stars back into place.


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