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What Does Your Invitation Say About Your Event?

For many guests the first impression they get of your event is with the invitation, to an extinct they set the tone months in advance. Guests who receive an eye catching beautiful invitation are more likely to get excited than those who receive simple/dull invites. This is because many people associate lavish looking invitations with the overall event experience.


When the first introduction to your event is jaw dropping this builds anticipation for your guests. This  anticipation gets them excited about other experiences you may have in store such as the event entertainment, décor, food, guest favors, etc.


It’s possible to get stunning invitations without breaking the bank, but keep in mind you get what you pay for. Here’s a list of our favorite designers who are known for crafting invitations that are sure to Make A Statement.



Left Invitation: Alexandria Lindo



Right Invitation: The September Rose




Middle invitation: Wrapped Up in Details


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