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The Misunderstood Role of an Event Planner

“So you’re the person who decorates everything and makes the event pretty”.

“Oh wow you plan weddings?!”


Both common, incorrect assumptions when people hear the word ‘event planner’. While event planners, event designers, and wedding planners may fall under the same industry, we all serve very different roles and have different focus areas.


Typically wedding planners solely work with couples to plan their big day. Event planners on the other hand, work with clients to plan all types of events from tradeshows, corporate events, and social events; they’re not limited to just weddings if they even offer wedding planning services. Most event planners also have a specific category of events they plan.


At Chiffon Events our specialty is social events for elite clientele such as launch parties, fashion shows, release parties, birthday celebrations, dinner parties, etc. While an event designer (or event stylist) focuses on the visual aspects such as décor and florals to create a stunning look, the planner usually comes on board much earlier as they handle the logistics of your event.


Your event planner works with you from the beginning to secure vendors, a venue, helps you manage your guest list,

guest hospitality, etc. Some companies may offer additional services, for example, we also offer event public relations and talent booking.


On the event day, the designer focuses on the successful set up of the décor while the planner ensures the event runs smoothly from start to finish. The event planner also addresses any surprise issues before the client even becomes aware that there was an issue.


Essentially the event planner is the backbone of your event and the designer is the whip cream and cherry on top.

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