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If you’re expecting out of town guests for your event keep in mind that they spend hours traveling and pay hundreds of dollars for flights, hotel, and a car rental. For this reason they may expect a little more fun that just the event itself. Here are some tips to keep your traveling guests entertained, informed, and feeling a little spoiled.


1) Event Itinerary

Be sure each guest has an itinerary for your event festivities that include locations, times, directions, and information about dress codes. Itinerary should also list a primary contact person in case your guests have any questions; this frees up the host from being repeatedly contacted and allows them to focus on other tasks.


2) Entertainment Brochure

This custom brochure will be a guide for traveling guests as they’ll reference this tool when they’re ready to enjoy the city. An entertainment brochure will consist of a list of local places for your guests to visit so they won’t be bored in their hotel room.  Activities listed can include comedy clubs, museums, shopping centers, performances, amusement parks, sporting events, etc. It’s also beneficial to include location, hours of operation, and prices if possible. It’s important to have entertainment suggestions that match your guests age and interests.


3) Transportation

Depending on the size of the city your event is being held in, all guests may not rent a car. In this case you’ll need to have a way to transport guests to and from the event venue.  A few weeks before the event, inquire with guests who have submitted an RSVP about what hotel they’ll be staying in and if they’re renting a car. This will give you a count of how many guests will need transportation and where majority of the traveling guests will be staying at. As a kind gesture, have a shuttle service or driver pick up guests to transport them to their hotel (if their hotel doesn’t offer this) and arrange transportation for event day. Also, provide guests with the contact information for local taxi companies and discount Uber cards as well.


4) Quality Time

If you’re hosting a social event (graduation, anniversary, birthday celebration, etc.)  guests will appreciate the quality time with the host. While the host will make their rounds on the event day, a few quick exchange of words may not be enough for those who traveled for hours to partake in your celebration.  Consider having a special breakfast or lunch with the out of town guests only. If these guests are a little more wild, maybe they’d enjoy a bar or entertainment center better. They will appreciate you taking the time out just for them and it will give you time to catch up and relax.


Hosting an event is an exciting, but a demanding job. If you’re in need of additional assistance to make your guests feel welcome, check out our A-List signature package or our Guest Travel Accommodations à la carte service.



Preparing for Out-of-Town Guests


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