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Selling Out Your Next Event

There’s nothing worse than spending months planning an event to end up with several empty seats and only half the attendance you were expecting. The tips below will help you make your event stand out and boost your ticket sales.

Offer a Discount to Previous Attendees

If you event is annual or semi-annual, contact previous attendees notifying them of the events’ return and provide a special rate for those who attended the last one. Offering past guests a discount code to save money will encourage them to attend again and reward them for being a supporter of the event.



Promote the Location, Not Just the Event

If you’re planning a conference, meeting, or other event that requires the majority of your guests to travel, promote popular attractions to show how great the city you’re hosting the event in is. It’ll be hard for potential attendees to turn down a great event in an event better city with so much to do. Consider partnering with some of the popular attractions to get your guests discount rates, this will be another reason to attend.


Keep Social Media Accounts Updated

There’s much truth in the saying, ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Be sure to consistently post on social media about your upcoming event. Keep in mind while quantity is important, the quality of your posts is key.


Advertise on Social Media

Advertising on social media is another great way to build exposure. Online advertising gives you the opportunity to reach your target audience and build your guest list. In your advertisement it’s important to have a direct link to the registration page or website.


Have Sponsors Assist with Promoting Event

Most sponsors will have no problem with pushing the event as the more attendees there is, the more exposure their company gets. If you decide to reach out to your sponsors about this, make it as easy as possible for them to promote it. Supplying sponsors with the event flyer, direct website, and event discount codes for their clients/customers will go a long way and have a great impact on your attendance numbers.


Offer Various Ticket Options

Most of the time there are a number of people who’d like to attend, but they cannot afford the overall ticket price for all the festivities or they won’t be available for the entire event. You will see a big boost in sales if you have different passes to accommodate those wanting to attend only a certain portion. Passes can include a VIP pass, student pass, keynote pass, or a kickoff pass for just the introduction to the event such as a happy hour and networking portion.



Promote the Major Highlight of the Event

Although there may be many reasons to attend your event some people may only be interested in the major performer or guest speaker attending. When promoting always know who your audience is, some guests look forward to the entertainment and nighttime activities more than the content of the event. Keep in mind to make your event appear beneficial and fun.



Good luck with selling out your next event!


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